Collected Evidence

The Phantom Stranger has collected these documents to evince the conspiracy of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

  • The Journal of Geynor Ton, found on the body of a mad cultist.
  • A letter, unsent, requesting aid at the Moathouse and implicating the presence of cultists in the small town of Hommlet.
  • A scrap of paper found on the body of an insane man within the Obelisk cavern. It read, “The Water Temple will soon make its move against the forces of Fire. Move quickly, Festrath, for we need your aid. Together, we shall win the favor of the doomdreamers and the Triad itself.”
  • An as yet undeciphered scroll in a black case, last seen on the body of the fallen paladin Lady Auriya Sheldrake.
  • A scrap of a letter, found in the basement of the Mill, stating “…Consumption. A wagon can be obtained from ”/characters/tal-chammish" class=“wiki-content-link”>Tal Chammish in Rastor to haul whatever you find back to the crater.

Do not fail me.

Blessed Destruction!


Collected Evidence

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