Return to the Return!
A Brief Hiatus Made Briefer

Long ago, in the time before summer, a group of adventurers accosted the Crater Ridge Mines. After raiding the treasure room of the mad pseudonatural cyclops in order to pay off the debt of the cleric McClellan, the party encountered a shrieking basilisk at the exit, which turned most all of them to stone!

Only the poor cleric McClellan had escaped unscathed, carrying his friend Levis the statuesque monk to town. Levis was cured of petrification, and the team was headed back to the entrance to the Crater Ridge Mines to rescue their endangered friends.

It is at this cliffhanger we left off, with the team in great peril. With great sadness, McClellan must retire from adventuring, therefore he will become a recurring innkeeper NPC at the party’s staging area.

It is the Gamemaster’s request that we may fast-forward past the rescue of the heroes from the maw of the basilisk. This will also allow those PCs who are dissatisfied with how their characters were playing to reroll a new character to join the party in their continuing attempts to disassemble the workings of the cult of Tharizdun.

At What Cost?
A battle with some truly fearsome foes.

A difficult battle, to be sure. The troglodyte cleric used fearsome magics to tear the heart from the chest of the half-orc Orthos, rendering him immobile for half the fight. Reinforcements arrived for both sides of the battle, and the enemy was pincered between the forces of rightness and justice!

Levis waylay-ed the hairless ogre monstrosity in the hallway, opening up the way for an attack on the smelly troglodyte for Ielenia. He caught her unawares, and with a single strike, brought her to her knees! Seeing his opening, Levis dragged the thief out of harm’s way, and the rest of the group focused on the terror at hand.

An elfish ranger was distracting the cleric of St. Cuthbert, preventing him from casting spells, while the troglodyte maintained his iron focus on crushing the heart of the barbarian. It was up to the Phantom Stranger to stop him!

Firing an incendiary dart, which set his black robes aflame, did not give the evil cleric pause. Entangling him in a noose did not wrench his concentration. Finally, shaking his composure with the Phantom Stranger’s daunting presence was enough to shake the mad cleric’s focus and bring the raging barbarian from death’s door back into the combat!

The evil ranger was dealt a killing blow by McClellan, who had had enough of this foolishness. He and Othros closed ranks with the evil troglodyte, who somehow fended off their attacks. Seeing this, the Phantom Stranger did what he does best, and crossed the distance to the cleric of the Dark God on the Ethereal Plane, recorporeating inside the troglodyte and dealing the first effective damage of the fight to him, and himself in the process.

Consequently, the troglodyte’s focus was drawn to The Phantom Stranger, and, with the power of insanity propelling him, Terrenygit the cleric of Tharizdun afflicted the bard with sudden, acute, magical deafness! The half-orc barbarian finally dealt a disabling blow to the madman, lopping off his leg.

He slid to the ground in a steadily growing puddle of his own black blood, and the party’s cleric demanded his surrender. Terrenygit’s final act of defiance was to curse the cleric, screaming, “You shall carry my Stench!” before falling unconscious.

The Story So Far...

The Adventuring Party arrived in Hommlet for a variety of reasons, but under the leadership of Lady Auriya, Johnny McClellan, and Levis et Atrum, the group aggregated to assault the Moathouse half a day’s journey from the small, quiet town. Upon arrival, they were confronted by a young adult blue dragon, who nearly killed them all, and successfully killed Levis. McClellan beat feet back to Hommlet and had the monk raised from the dead in the church of St. Cuthbert.

The group met up in Hommlet once more to recover from the ordeal, then once more headed to the Moathouse, where they discovered a number of evil cultists attempting to do any number of wicked things. After dispensing with them and accruing much evidence of the conspiracy, the investigation led them to discover some much more sinister constructions deep within the Moathouse. A huge, ornately carved pillar within the grave ruins overrun by ghouls, a strange altar that reacted to the sounds of certain instruments found within the column, a 300 foot tall black obelisk, unearthly cold, housing a hidden chamber which granted a piece of black fruit to the person who entered, along with a cryptic message. A wall which, when touched, summoned a tentacled, floating, bulbous monstrosity that consumed Gazorean, the lizard-man rogue, and rained his parts down on the rest of the group.

Amidst these incredible discoveries, the group also found evidence of a cell of cultists, led by one Master Dunrat, hiding in the hamlet itself! They found and accosted the group in the basement of the mill, but could not handle the sizable force within, and were forced to retreat. The cultists in town escaped, and the group found a single scrap of a letter in the cleaned out basement that pointed them to one Tal Chammish of the hamlet of Rastor.

Questioning this man led the party to the Crater Ridge Mines. Before their first assault on the gates, the party (well, McClellan mostly) purchased a fairly disused inn to use as a staging area for their continued assault on the thoroughly reinforced mine system.

Their first attempt to enter overcome the area ended badly, with Lady Auriya Sheldrake losing her life in the overwhelmng tide of warriors in the entranceway. After a period of mourning, the group has begun their second assault of the west entrance, and encountered the mad priest Terrenygit, a fearsome troglodyte cultist who caught the party after the split up, at their weakest. Will they triumph?

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